This award-winning, sensational cedar-clad home sits proudly on the sand dunes overlooking Mt Maunganui beach.

A grooved ceiling, running continuously from the front of the house to the back, provided the perfect application for recessed Downhill Dan 22.

Richie Rail 17 proved its versatility, being used both inside and outside, using IP-rated strip.

In the lounge, Where's Ben 14 was used as an indirect light source in the ceiling cove and also under the cabinetry.

Gudsell Builders won several awards for this property, including 2016 NZ Registered Master Builders National 'Top 100' Award, 'Regional Category Winner', 'Regional Kitchen Excellence' and 'Regional Gold'.

Architect: Brendon Gordon
Builder: Gudsell Builders
Photographer: Amanda Aitken Photography

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