About Moth Light

Who are we?

​Moth Light is a small team of architectural lighting professionals. We are specialists in architectural lighting design, product supply and manufacture of high-quality lighting products. We’re a family business providing lighting solutions – from lighting design to product supply and project coordination.

​We provide lighting solutions for residential, commercial, hospitality, retail and urban projects.

We are passionate about innovative ideas that enrich the lives of those who engage with our projects.

Efficiency, in every sense of the word, is of paramount importance to us. We believe that clever design and intelligent products hold the key to using less.

We use high quality products that stand the test of time, in both build and aesthetic quality.

Although Moth Light are experts in linear LED lighting, we have a huge range of products available from many different lighting manufacturers and can we can supply almost any lighting product required.

Meet the team

Robin Campbell

BDes - Director

It all started in 2006 when Robin, after graduating with a design degree majoring in Industrial Design, joined one of NZ’s leading architectural lighting companies. Several years spent working alongside his now Moth Light colleague Emma, Robin honed his skills across many aspects of the business.

Along with the project management and technical skills gained during this early period of Robin’s career, a passion for lighting and product design was born.

Although Robin retains a small client base at Moth Light, most of his focus is now on the day-to-day management of both Moth Light and Offspring Profiles, and continued product and business development with key partners. On a personal note, Robin tries to maintain some life balance with his 2 young children and a passion for mountain biking.

To get in touch, email robin@mothlight.co.nz

Jill Laird

BHSc - Lighting Sales Consultant

We didn’t realise we were missing having Jill as part of our team until she arrived. Into Moth Light she settled in 2018, bringing with her laughter, philosophical discussions and warmth.

Having previously had a lighting career in Auckland, Jill moved to Wellington and wanted to re-enter the industry with a local Wellington company to pursue her love of lighting. In her own words “The way that architectural design can be realised by providing the right lighting product is what motivates me. This is my passion – to help create spaces that people love to be in”.

An experienced lighting consultant, Jill’s day to day tasks include conducting client meetings and presentations, lighting design and concept proposals, compiling quotes and offering after-sales support.

With a health degree and experience working in the health sector, Jill’s unique strength lies in the value she places on people and relationships.

To get in touch, email jill@mothlight.co.nz

Emma Peckham

BDes - Project Administrator

Emma has been in the lighting industry since graduating with a Bachelor of Interior Architecture, so she’s often a familiar face to many who walk through our doors. Emma’s pre-child career with one of NZ’s leading architectural lighting specialists as a Lighting Consultant, National Marketing Manager and Wellington Branch Team Leader meant Emma learnt the industry inside and out, as well as making many lasting relationships.

Choosing to work part time while her children are still young, 2016 saw her join her ex-colleague and current brother-in-law Robin, in the Moth Light business which was growing rapidly.

With extensive lighting and high-level management experience, Emma has easily slotted into her role at Moth Light while offering support to the whole team.

Emma particularly enjoys the positive company culture and is proud to be part of the family run team at Moth Light.

To get in touch, email emma@mothlight.co.nz

Rob McIlwaine

Lighting Product Assembler

In 2019, Rob joined us in our Wellington-based factory to lead the production of our Offspring Profiles range of linear LED lights. With him, he brought his impressive technical skills and experience as an Electronics Technician, along with the benefit of being electrically registered.

Prior experience with technical design and assessment, the logistics of warehouse operations, machine setting, health and safety and production; Rob is a valued member of the team.

Absolute attention to detail and a close working arrangement with Robin (company Director), means we can offer extensive technical knowledge and in-house solutions for our Offspring Profiles range of products and unique project offerings.

Fraser Turnbull Smith

BC - Workshop Assistant

Fraser joined the Moth Light team in 2019 to work alongside Rob in our factory during a very busy year. Fraser has a Bachelor of Communications, majoring in Digital Media, plus experience working in customer service.

Fraser works with us part time and offers us daily entertainment, a variety of fashion choices not before seen in the Moth Light factory and a sharp creative wit. Adept at exercising his extensive vocabulary to impress his colleagues, Fraser has been a been colourful and savoured addition to our team.

Libby Peckham

BCA - Accounts

Cleverly, Libby is related to one of her workmates and married to another, but her main priority is currently being the stay at home mum to the two baby Mothlings, Thea and Remi. Libby works part-time doing the accounts for Moth Light.

With a degree in a Bachelor of Commerce, her project management skill set was ideally placed for her career in Sports Management, notably for the New Zealand Olympic Committee and Swimming New Zealand. These roles took her all around the world but now she is back home in Wellington, she provides vital support to the Moth Light operations and directorship.

To get in touch, email libby@mothlight.co.nz

Jack Tapley

BDes - Design Assistant & Sales Support

Despite the year 2020 trying to overshadow us with Coronavirus, Moth Light still needed to employ a new staff member to assist with the support of our lighting consultants.

Jack was our man and we were delighted to be in the position to offer him a position at Moth. As another Industrial Design graduate, Jack’s skills with design software and an ingrained understanding of space meant he’s been an immediate help with Moth Light’s design work, particularly lighting proposals.

Perhaps most importantly he’s a lovely chap, has excellent taste in music, and is able to join the daily musings of the team when we discuss the big topics in life like luxury cars, cured meats, family values, Netflix, and the great outdoors.

To get in touch, email jack@mothlight.co.nz

Our History

In 2006, Robin graduated from Victoria University of Wellington with a Bachelor of Design, majoring in Industrial Design. His career in lighting began straight out of university, working for one of New Zealand’s leading architectural lighting distributors and manufacturers.

After a stint living and working in France, 2011 saw Robin return to NZ and begin working with the newly formed Offspring Profiles Ltd to assist in designing their entire range of extruded lighting products. Moth Light was formed by Robin in 2012 as a conduit to distribute Offspring Profiles product to the market in the Lower North Island. In the years that followed, Robin and his wife Libby increased their shareholding in Offspring Profiles Ltd and in 2020 they took complete ownership.

Check out the Offspring Profiles website here.

To download a PDF copy of Moth Light’s Terms and Conditions, please click here.