About Moth Light

Who are we?

Moth Light was founded in 2012 and is a team of architectural lighting professionals with over 35 years of experience. We’re a family business providing lighting solutions – specialising in architectural lighting design, product supply and project coordination.

​We have showrooms in Auckland, Wellington and Napier, and our lighting services span across the urban, commercial, and residential sectors. We are passionate about innovative lighting ideas that enrich the lives of those who engage with our projects. Efficiency, in every sense of the word, is of paramount importance to us. We believe that clever design and intelligent products hold the key to using less.

We use high quality lighting products that stand the test of time, in both build and aesthetic quality. We are the BEGA and LED Luks distributor for NZ and a licensed distributor of the Offspring Profiles LED linear lighting systems including the Richie Rail illuminated handrail products.

In 2023, Moth Light and the successful architectural lighting company Rowe Light joined forces in a market extension merger, paving the way for enhanced services and expansion.

This strategic collaboration marked a significant milestone in both companies’ histories and represented a united effort to deliver unparalleled value and innovation to our customers. It’s no industry secret that Rowe Light and Moth Light enjoyed a very close business relationship and shared identical services and the distribution of the same products.

Meet the team

Robin Campbell

Managing Director (BDes)

It all started in 2006 when Robin, after graduating with a design degree majoring in Industrial Design, joined one of NZ’s leading architectural lighting companies. He started Moth Light in 2012.

Along with the project management and technical skills gained during this early period of Robin’s career, a passion for lighting and product design was born.

Although Robin retains a small client base at Moth Light, most of his focus is now on the day-to-day management of both Moth Light and his other business, Offspring Profiles, and continued product and business development.

Robin tries to maintain some life balance with his 2 young children and a passion for mountain biking.

To get in touch, email robin@mothlight.co.nz
Phone: 021 040 1914



Dennis joins the ‘new’ Moth light team as a result of the merger with Rowe Light. Undoubtedly, with over 35 years of architectural lighting experience, Dennis remains at the forefront of innovative and sustainable lighting solutions.

Throughout his entire career he has specialised in offering New Zealand premier international brands from the world stage. Dennis has a passion for NZ designed and manufactured lighting systems that seamlessly integrate into building structures. He has been instrumental in developing many of New Zealand's best lighting products and systems and is a Director of Offspring Profiles Ltd.

Dennis likes to spend time with family and is a keen tennis player and jet ski fisherman.

To get in touch, email dennis@mothlight.co.nz
Phone: 027 542 7126



Leon joins the growing Moth Light team as an experienced lighting industry professional. With over 30 years of architectural, solar, marine and lighting engineering experience, as an Electrical Contractor, Lighting Designer, International Sales Director and Lighting Engineering Consultant, Leon has worked in a broad range of fields within the industry in NZ and abroad, bringing leading innovation, skills and experience to the NZ market.

Whilst studying Industrial design and working as an electrical contractor, Leon was aiming area flood-lights, due to his rock climbing skills. He's specialised in lighting from day one and has done so ever since. In London, he furthered his studies in lighting and has never left his passion for the lit environment, lighting energy and serving the human client with both artificial and natural light. He has been instrumental in leading and developing many of New Zealand's best lighting projects and includes many illustrious projects abroad in his portfolio.

Since arriving in Aotearoa in 2007, Leon likes to 'play with photons', design stuff, mountaineer and sail Auckland's coastal waters.

To get in touch, email leon@mothlight.co.nz
Phone: 027 269 9936



Dan began his career with Rowe Light in January 2021 as a Lighting Consultant based in Auckland. He has successfully increased our business in this region and his success has been instrumental in developing our new showroom based in Kingsland.

Being brought up in the Rowe household, lighting is in his blood. Dan has completed advanced learning certificates for Dialux and to further his development, is enrolling in the Lighting Design course to commence in 2024.

Dan has achieved at an elite level in tennis travelling internationally and has recently embarked on a successful kickboxing career.

Dan has plenty of energy and a passion for various sports, he also likes to relax by playing the guitar.

To get in touch, email dan@mothlight.co.nz
Phone: 027 589 3035

Sam Nilsson

Sales Consultant - Wellington (BDI, GCertScTech)

Sam was born and raised within the electrical industry in Wellington and joined our sales team in July 2022. She brings with her valuable industry experience and relationships.

With a degree in Industrial Design and a graduate certificate in Lighting Science & Technology, Sam’s knowledge of the design and technical possibilities of lighting specification is an asset to Moth Light and her clients.

Sam has a great sense of humour and a young family.

To get in touch, email sam@mothlight.co.nz
Phone: 027 224 4022

Odette Benoit

Project Administrator (BArch)

Odette joined the team in 2023 and brought with her not only experience in Project Administration from the construction sector, but a Bachelor of Architecture, majoring in Interior Architecture. Odette's skills, knowledge and experience offer the sales team much needed support as well as keeping projects running smoothly.

Odette's bubbly personality brings an infectious positivity and vibrancy to the Moth office. Odette is a creative, with a passion for design, art, film, music and the outdoors.

To get in touch, email odette@mothlight.co.nz
Phone: 04 499 1914


Finance and Importing Manager

Having been the General Manager at Rowe Light for the past 15 years, Lynette brings a wealth of business and lighting experience to the ‘new’ Moth Light. She founded Rowe Light and Offspring Profiles with Dennis, and prior to this, Lynette had a background in Finance and Human Resources with a BA majoring in Psychology.

Lynette’s role as Financial and Importing Manager encompasses finance, importation and liaising with Moth Light’s suppliers and sales support for our Hawkes Bay / Taupo clients.

Lynette is an active relaxer and enjoys spending time in the garden and at the beach.

To get in touch, email lynette@mothlight.co.nz
Phone: 027 589 3032



Jeneen joined the Rowe Light team in 2023 and is looking forward to working for the ‘new’ Moth Light in Office/Accounts Administration part time.

Previously, Jeneen owned a building company with her husband in Napier, so has great knowledge of the construction industry.

Jeneen has three teenage children and enjoys spending time on their lifestyle block. On weekends and holidays, they love to hook up the caravan and go exploring various parts of New Zealand.

To get in touch, email accounts@mothlight.co.nz
Phone: 06 843 9380

Libby Peckham

Marketing (BCA)

Libby was Moth's first member of staff dating back to 2015 when Moth was in its infancy. Libby works part-time doing the marketing for Moth Light.

With a Bachelor of Commerce degree, her project management skill set was ideally placed for her prior career in Sports Management.

These days she loves to play hockey and is busy with her two young children, who she shares with Robin.

To get in touch, email libby@mothlight.co.nz
Phone: 027 207 2727

Our History

October 2023

Successful architectural lighting companies Moth Light and Rowe Light joined forces in a market extension merger, paving the way for enhanced services and expansion. The combined company was chosen to operate under the Moth Light name with a revised logo and graphic, which represents the fusion of our respective identities and shared vision for the future.

Moth Light is owned equally by the Rowe family and the Campbell/Peckham family. The existing leadership teams of both companies play a vital role in steering the integrated entity towards unlocking new opportunities that drive us towards even greater success.

The merger represents an exciting chapter in our growth story with Moth Light now having showrooms in Wellington, Napier, and Auckland.


Rowe Light history:

  • 2008: Founded in Napier by Dennis and Lynette Rowe.
  • 2018: 10-year anniversary.
  • 2021: Dan Rowe joined the team, and the Auckland office opens.
  • 2021: Appointed New Zealand distributor for BEGA.
  • 2023: Moth Light and Rowe Light appointed joint NZ distributors for LED Luks.
  • 2023: Auckland showroom development.
  • 2023: Rowe Light merge with Moth Light.


Moth Light history:

  • 2012: Founded in Wellington by Robin Campbell. Appointed a distributor for Offspring Profiles.
  • 2015: Office and showroom development in Wellington.
  • 2021: Appointed BEGA distributor for Wellington.
  • 2022: 10-year anniversary celebration and opening of ‘Light Space’.
  • 2023: Moth Light and Rowe Light appointed joint NZ distributors for LED Luks.
  • 2023: Moth Light merge with Rowe Light.



To download a PDF copy of Moth Light’s Terms and Conditions, please click here.