This residence sits proudly on a Havelock North hill above the Black Barn Winery and Restaurant. With its dark vertical cedar cladding, it nestles into the hillside, and the full power of its design isn’t revealed until close to home.

This bold formal response standing on high ground is well enclosed and sheltered. The plinth element successfully unites interior and exterior spaces.

Architect: Brendon Gordon Architects
Kitchen Design: Quattro Uno

Products Used
  • Offspring Profiles Angle Andy 25 for entry lighting.

  • Offspring Profiles Downhill Dan 14 into Joinery including kitchen, wine rack and recessed into the ceiling.

  • Offspring Profiles Downhill Dan 22 for lighting recessed into ceilings over dining table and other areas.

  • Offspring Profiles Sideways Sally 20C (rectangle) for lighting above mirrors.

  • Offspring Profiles Where’s Ben 14 for recessing into ceilings to wash on walls and to provide up-lighting.

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