The Gracie Grazer Series is an award-winning and patented LED strip system with built-in lens optics offering ultimate control for wall grazing.

Gracie Grazer is a series of new, linear LED products that represent a paradigm shift in what 24V linear LED products can be. With 30-degree optics (for Gracie Grazer 23) and 25-degree optics (for Gracie Grazer 25) and a flexible casing that can be bent in two axes, Gracie Grazer is a significant departure from traditional diffused products and makes the Grazer Series incredibly versatile.

Gracie Grazer is ideal for concealing within negative details to graze light down walls, and perfect for exaggerating the texture on stone or block walls. Use it for exterior facade grazing, or where you might need a linear solution with a more controlled beam.


Gracie Grazer 23

  • Size: 23x23mm.
  • 18W p/m product available in 2700K, 3000K and 4000K.
  • 30° wall grazing optic.


Gracie Grazer 25

  • Size: 25x35mm.
  • 25W p/m product with RGBW LEDs.
  • 25° wall grazing optic.


Additional Information

  • Wall grazing optics.
  • iF Design Award.
  • White or black outer silicon casing.
  • Customised lengths and configurations, made to measure.
  • Installation: Interior and exterior.
  • Material: Silicon casing, plastic optics.
  • Power supply: 24V DC – remote driver options ranging from 6W up to 320W.
  • Dimming: various options available.


Gracie Grazer Mounting Options

  • Ceiling mounted.
  • Surface mounted.
  • Various mounting accessories available.


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