LED Luks is a European manufacturer of commercial, architectural, and industrial LED luminaires, located on the border between Slovenia and Italy. Among the myriad of options available, LED Luks’s ILO and ORA systems offer a customisable solution for almost every commercial or office application.



The ILO luminaire is a versatile solution for projects that demand a high-quality lighting system and high visual comfort. With its modular design, the ILO profile can be used as an individual fixture or as a system in continuous lines and angular shapes.


Elegant with its oval housing, ORA represents a fresh lighting solution for the interior of an office, public or commercial building. Its quality housing in powder coated finish, makes it a bold and stylish luminaire that can be used as an individual profile or put together in continuous lines, and is available with uplight and downlight options.

ILO and ORA optics

The versatility of LED Luks’s ILO and ORA profiles is highlighted by the ability to choose from 6 different optics, providing a solution for every application. This enables the client to tailor their lighting systems to define spaces, show direction, and expose the architecture of their project.

  1. Modular optics.
    Specially designed lenses on top of a singular LED, separated with reflector frames. Wide (60°) and narrow (30°) light distribution options available. Aesthetic appeal with low glare. Available for ILO 50 and ORA 80.
  2. Nero.
    Black, opal diffuser, providing an integrated look on dark and timber ceilings.
  3. Prismatic diffuser.
    High-quality diamond-like prism structure for glare protection and lower Unified Glare Rating (UGR).
  4. Office diffuser.
    Specially designed lenses on top of 4 LEDs, separated with reflector frames. Suitable for VDU workstations. Available for ILO 50 and ORA 80.
  5. Opal diffuser.
    High-quality PMMA diffuser for uniform light distribution and high efficiency.
  6. Asymmetric cover.
    Ideal for wall-washing due to its asymmetric light distribution.


LED Luks provides a comprehensive range of luminaires and systems which can be customised to provide the right light.

For more information, check out the LED Luks website at www.ledluks.com/products/