Brandon St

Moth Light was approached to provide a solution for linear inground lights in the tiled floor of this foyer on Brandon Street. After some head scratching and several cups of coffee, a custom product was conceived and made in-house at our factory in Petone. The finished inground lights nicely complimented the ‘Downhill Dan 35s’ that ran the perimeter of the lobby pelmets and the 'Angle Andy 25' and 'Simple Simon 7' that illuminated the building signage, seen on the left of the image.

Products Used
  • Special, custom made product in floor

  • Offspring Profiles Downhill Dan 35 in pelmets

  • Offspring Profiles Simple Simon 7 back-lighting "10 BRANDON ST" signage

  • Offspring Profiles Angle Andy 25 around perimeter of "10 BRANDON ST" signage

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