The successful architectural lighting companies Moth Light and Rowe Light have joined forces in a market extension merger, paving the way for enhanced services and expansion.

This strategic collaboration marks a significant milestone in both companies’ histories and represents a united effort to deliver unparalleled value and innovation to our customers. It’s no industry secret that Rowe Light and Moth Light have enjoyed a very close business relationship and share identical services and the distribution of the same products.

The combined company will operate under the Moth Light name with a revised logo and graphic, which represents the fusion of our respective identities and shared vision for the future. The existing leadership teams of both companies will play vital roles in steering the integrated entity towards sustained success and prosperity.

Moth Light will be owned equally by the Rowe family and the Campbell/Peckham family. The business relationship between the families is 17 years in duration so we already know we make a great team.


Key Benefits and Highlights of the merger

  • We will be working under one, strong National brand, with 3 offices/showrooms located in Auckland, Napier and Wellington.
  • Expanded Product/Service Portfolio: The merged entity will offer an extensive range of cutting-edge products and services that cater to the diverse needs of our customers.
  • Our exclusive supply of leading international brands Bega and LED Luks, and locally designed and manufactured Offspring Profiles, will continue to enable us to provide world-leading lighting solutions.
  • Unmatched Expertise: The merger brings together some of the brightest minds in the architectural lighting specification market here in NZ. Our combined talent pool will accelerate innovation and make it streamlined for multi-branch specifiers to utilise our portfolio of services and products.
  • Superior Customer Support: Together, we commit to providing exceptional customer support, ensuring a seamless transition for existing clients and establishing long-lasting relationships with new partners.
  • A strong organisational structure that can support our growth strategy.


This merger represents an exciting chapter in our growth story. We believe that by aligning our capabilities, we can achieve remarkable synergies and unlock new opportunities that will drive us towards even greater success.


Find out more about our history here.