Like changing its skin, Camaleo transforms its form, texture, and material structure. If you wish to update or change its appearance, there’s no need to replace the entire luminaire – simply swap out its ‘skin’. Slide off the old cover and place on a new one. It’s that easy.

Camaleo provides endless possibilities for aesthetic transformation while delivering optimal illumination. The profile comes in three shapes: straight, outward curve, and inward curve. Various finishes – such as colour combinations, textiles, woods and other materials—allow you to adapt your luminaire to your taste and interior décor. You can combine a straight-edge profile with a wooden finish, then switch to an outward curved profile with a textured finish. To change the profile’s shape, just purchase a different side panel and end caps. Additionally, the high-quality aluminium housing can be supplied powdercoated in white or black as standard, or in a custom colour.



With its innovative design, endless possibilities for customisation, and modular construction, Camaleo offers a versatile and functional lighting system suitable for any interior. Made for kitchen islands, reception counters, or boardrooms to name a few, the powerful direct/indirect lighting provides task lighting with various optics to suit the application.

Wire-suspended, Camaleo can be supplied as a downlight pendant, or a uplight/downlight solution.


Camaleo Profile Shapes

The clever design of the Camaleo profile means that the shape of the luminaire can be altered by switching the side panels and endcaps, without changing the luminaire housing. Camaleo comes in three different shapes:

  • Straight;
  • Curved inwards;
  • Curved outwards.


LED Luks Camaleo - profile shapes


Customisable side panel options

The removable side panels are available in 4 different materials, with variations within:

  • Wood: Carbonised Wood, Cocoa Oak, Light Oak, Fossil Maple.
  • Anodized aluminium: Rose Gold, Gold, Rust (Cor-ten).
  • Carbon.
  • Velvet.


The interchangeable design extends the lifecycle of the luminaire and allows the user to personalise and update the profile. As seen in this short LED Luks video, panels can easily be changed by sliding out the ‘skin’.

LED Luks Camaleo - Light OakLED Luks Camaleo - Cocoa OakLED Luks Camaleo - Fossil Maple

LED Luks Camaleo - Rust (Cor-ten)LED Luks Camaleo - CarbonLED Luks Camaleo - Velvet

LED Luks Camaleo - Rose GoldLED Luks Camaleo - Gold


Optic Options

There are several optic options available for the Camaleo profile:

  • Prismatic PMMA.
  • Opal PMMA.
  • Black Opal PMMA.
  • Modular Wide (60°).
  • Modular Narrow (30°).


Light Output and Control

Camaleo comes in high efficiency (1800lm/m) and high output (3500lm/m) options, with various LED options (2700 / 3000 / 4000 / 5000K or TW 2700 to 5000K).

Camaleo can be controlled via DALI / DALI 2-channels (direct/indirect), or simple non-dimmable.


Camaleo is a versatile, fully customisable luminaire that can transform any space. The ability to change the finish or shape of the profile by updating the side panels, all without changing the luminaire, extends the lifecycle of this product and cements its place as an innovative and versatile option for any application.

For more information on the Camaleo profile, check out the LED Luks website.

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