BEGA has been developing and producing high-quality luminaires for interior and exterior architecture for more than 75 years. They are a global leader in innovative lighting solutions and their products are known for their exceptional efficiency and longevity.


BEGA luminaires and their components are not disposable products. The efficiency of their products is characterised by long lifecycles that set the standard for the rest of the market. Designed for decades of use, BEGA luminaires can be easily updated with the latest technology to meet modern requirements.



BEGA’s long-established position and knowledge of the luminaire market has ensured that their products retain their place in architecture over time. Their classic designs and shapes remain functional across the ages: reliable, innovative, and modern. Even after many years of use, BEGA’s lighting systems remain in perfect condition, prompting users to think about ways they can modernise their spaces, without the need to change the luminaires.



BEGA’s products, and, hence, the people who use them, benefit from meticulous construction, timeless design, premium, long-lasting materials, future-oriented technology and, as a result, enduring quality.


Switching out conventional lamps for energy-saving LED modules reduces energy consumption and is better for the environment. Conversion kits make it possible to modernise spaces in a cost-effective and sustainable way without compromising on quality.



The LED modules made in the BEGA factory are individually designed for each luminaire. The modules have an impressively long service life, very low energy consumption and guarantee sustainable use over an exceptionally long period of time.


Even if the technology and design of the components has changed in the meantime, the replacements will match the light colour and output of the modules originally installed. The luminaires and modules are designed to enable trouble-free replacement of the lamps on site using standard tools.


BEGA guarantee the availability of successor and replacement modules 20 years after a BEGA LED luminaire is purchased.



There are several aspects to consider when assessing whether, and in what form, a conversion of an existing lighting system would be worthwhile and possible.


  • Significant improvement in light and illumination quality thanks to LED: comfortable light perception, more efficient illumination and more effective glare avoidance.
  • Energy savings when comparing existing systems with retrofitted ones.
  • Required degree of illuminance – current state and change after conversion.
  • Technical data and performance features of the luminaires: luminaire light output (lumen per watt), recommended colour temperature, colour rendering index, maximum ambient temperature, service life criteria.
  • Cost-benefit analysis: converting the existing system or designing an entire new one – which option is most beneficial?


The BEGA Continued Life Program

The BEGA Continued Life Program underscores their commitment to sustainability by offering a seamless way to retrofit existing lighting systems. This program allows users to modernise their luminaires with the latest technology, ensuring continued efficiency and performance while aligning with contemporary standards. Through this initiative, BEGA not only enhances the longevity of their products but also reinforces their dedication to sustainable and environmentally responsible practices.


The BEGA Continued Life Programme offers various options for retrofitting existing lighting systems:


Upgrade – Conversion kits

Convenient, ready-made LED conversion kits allow users to upgrade their lighting systems on site.

  • Low installation costs thanks to pre-assembled, custom LED modules.
  • Availability guarantee of 20 years for all replacement modules, resulting in maximum service life.
  • Surfaces‑Care sets for refreshing the look of luminaire housing and other components.



BEGA provides a professional reconditioning service for luminaires in their factory.

  • Technical Conversion to LED by BEGA experts.
  • General assessment of the condition of all lighting components.
  • Reconditioning of surfaces.
  • Systems look and function like a new product after they have been reconditioned.
  • Same warranty and guaranteed service life as with a new product.
  • Availability guarantee of 20 years for all replacement modules, resulting in maximum service life.


Luminaire replacement

Lighting systems can be refitted with updated BEGA products for a look that has been tried and tested for decades.

  • Replacement of products from the BEGA range while utilising existing light points.
  • BEGA’s classic shapes ensure that the replacement luminaires maintain the original look.
  • Switch to luminaires with the latest technology and materials.
  • Long-term use with minimal maintenance.
  • Cost sensitivity as an appealing planning factor for projects with high unit sales.


Why choose BEGA?


With a focus on sustainability in design, construction and use of materials, BEGA has cemented themselves as a world-leading lighting manufacturer, and one which Moth Light is proud to represent.


BEGA’s classic, timeless designs and their commitment to longevity make them a clever choice, whether it be for an urban, commercial or residential environment. Even after long periods of use, modernising the technology behind the luminaires and bringing them in line with modern requirements only takes a few steps.


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